Chicago Cubs: Who do we turn to with Mike Montgomery sidelined?

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Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago Cubs turned to Tyler Chatwood with Mike Montgomery on the DL. That didn’t go well and now has the team once again looking for answers.

With Mike Montgomery going on the disabled list and Yu Darvish still on the disabled list, the Chicago Cubs decided (were forced) to give Tyler Chatwood another start. Unfortunately he walked three and allowed three runs in just two-plus frames. So with the Cubs in a tight playoff race and September’s roster expansion still almost two weeks away, what do the Cubs do next time through the rotation?

They could send Chatwood out there again. Joe Maddon said, “I didn’t see it getting better,” when he spoke about pulling Chatwood out of the game in the third inning last night. To expect Chatwood to get any better at this point in the season is unrealistic.

It isn’t as if Chatwood has been pitching better since he was moved to the bullpen. In the bullpen he’s pitched 5 2/3 innings over three games, allowing four earned runs, walking five and only striking out three.

But the Cubs owe Chatwood at least $25.5 million over the next two seasons. Since we have made it this far into the season with him, you at least want to make it to September where you can bury him on the expanded roster. Then we can all hope that something clicks during the offseason.