Chicago Cubs: Yu Darvish, Kris Bryant working toward respective returns

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Chicago Cubs: Power-sapped Bryant on slow road back

Even before he hit the disabled list, Kris Bryant wasn’t having a terrible season. Although, you’d never know that by scrolling through social media.

The main issue with Bryant this year? An apparent lack of power. His 2018 slugging percentage is down nearly 50 points from his career average – and he hit just 11 home runs in 74 games. Of course, given he’s one of the team’s biggest impact bats, that left a big void in the heart of the order.

"“It’s not fun at all,” Bryant said earlier this week. “It’s not fun at all. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to keep healthy and hope it never happens again.”"

Personally, Bryant throwing doesn’t mean much to me. Why? Swinging a bat is what caused the shoulder to flare up earlier this season (on multiple instances). Until I know he can swing, I’m not expecting to see him back in the lineup for the better part of a month.

As for KB, he’s not putting any kind of timetable on his return. Worst-case scenario? He’s done for the year. But there’s nothing to indicate it’s that bad – at least not yet. Unfortunately, it’s just one of those ‘wait and see’ situations.

"“I’m not going to get ahead of myself or put those types of scenarios in my head,” he said. “If you do hit the date when you think you could come back, then it’s like, ‘OK, that’s the way I thought.’ But if you don’t, then things get worse.”"