Chicago Cubs: A healthy Yu Darvish could be a shot in the arm for staff

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Maddon feeling hopeful, as well

The Cubs recently shifted the focus of Darvish’s rehab from his arm to his back. And, at least so far, the results speak for themselves. He’s had less pain and, based on his comments, seem like he’s finally starting to see the light at the tunnel.

The same can be said for his skipper, Joe Maddon.

"“He seems a little more upbeat,” Maddon said. “His smile was easier. I try to read body language and faces — and when you ask pitchers how they’re feeling, they reveal what’s going on, and normally it is the smile. I took that as a good thing.”"

Throwing pain-free is key. Now, you might think just because of his contract, Darvish should be out there no matter how he feels. But, know this. When a guy doesn’t feel right – whether it be swinging a bat or throwing a ball – the results will never be what you want them to be.

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Forcing him out before he’s ready gets you the same results we saw earlier this season: a 4.86 FIP, 4.7 BB/9 and 1.425 WHIP. But, if he keeps feeling well and improving, he could very well be the guy we saw with the Rangers for all those years.

A stud hurler with devastating stuff and the potential to turn a good team into a great one.