Chicago Cubs Rumors: Team still focusing on arms as deadline nears

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Chicago Cubs Rumors: Chris Archer still in the mix?

Lord, I wish I had a small stipend for every time I’ve written or edited a ‘Chris Archer-to-the-Cubs’ piece over the last half decade. I might be able to afford a weekend getaway by this point.

Still, here I am, doing so once again. According to Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs are a ‘long shot’ to pull off a deal for a controllable starting pitcher. He goes on to say that this likely centers around a deal for Ian Happ, which would deal a considerable blow to the Cubs’ positional depth.

But still, never say never. For months, fans have clamored over the idea of Jacob deGrom coming to form a lethal rotation with Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks come October. The flip side to that coin, of course, is the cost. The Mets would look to pillage the Cubs for such an asset – further depleting the system and big league roster.

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Make no mistake about it. Both Chris Archer and Jacob deGrom represent major rotation upgrades for the Cubs. But doing so won’t come cheap – so if you’re a proponent of such a deal, start saying goodbye to some of your favorite players.