Chicago Cubs Rumors: Nathan Eovaldi the perfect fit for pitching needs?

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The Chicago Cubs need pitching depth, but appear unlikely to land a blue-chip talent. Could another arm they’re familiar with fill the need in the pitching staff?

Let’s face facts. We all know the Chicago Cubs need pitching depth. That’s universally accepted. You know what should also be as accepted? The Cubs will not be trading for Jacob deGrom. Know that. Come to terms with it. Move on.

Yes, deGrom is available, but his price tag is comparable the that of a Porsche 911. I’m guessing here, but I figure he would cost at least Ian Happ, Addison Russell, plus a couple top prospects. Would the rotation look better, at least on paper? Yes. But at what cost?

The Mets right-hander is an undisputed ace. That isn’t what the Cubs need. Jon Lester is the ace of the staff. Kyle Hendricks has the tools to be a front-end guy. If Yu Darvish gets sorted out, that’s a third ‘ace’ on this team’s starting rotation. A deGrom deal just doesn’t make sense.

Chicago will be connected to the next-tier guys. We’re talking Nathan Eovaldi, J.A. Happ-type arms. We went into Happ last week – but given the rumors  between Eovaldi and the Cubs, there might be something there.