Chicago Cubs: Visiting Chase Field- home of the Diamondbacks

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Chicago Cubs
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A couple ways to get cool at Chase Field

The cooling system is state of the art. It freezes water at night to save daytime operating costs. The air conditioning system cools the stadium to between 77-80 degrees depending on your seats. The higher you go the closer you are to the AC.  The system is so powerful it also cools 30 buildings there in downtown Phoenix and could cool 2,500 homes.

Chase Field is also the only Major League stadium with a swimming pool. The pool is rented to patrons as a suite holding 35 guests. Some games (like Cubs games) have a bigger draw. Depending on which game it is, the pool suite costs from $5,000 to $8,000per game.

Chicago Cubs fans will love that former Cubbie Mark Grace was the first player to ever hit a home run into the pool.