Chicago Cubs Rumors: This team has more trade chips than you realize

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Chicago Cubs: Talk about a gamble with dealing these guys

It may seem a little odd, but yes, Mike Montgomery is a valuable trade chip. Ever since taking over for Yu Darvish in the rotation, he has pitched very well.

On the year Montgomery is 3-3 with a solid 3.91 ERA in 27 games – nine of which have been starts. You’re no doubt asking yourself: why would the Cubs trade an arm? Aren’t they looking to add pitching ahead of the deadline? I will admit it does seem a little redundant.

Think of it like this. The team fully expects Darvish to return at some point this season and if the Cubs do, in fact, add another starter, there won’t be room for Montgomery anyway. So in a way, if the Cubs do deal him away, then that will mean they likely acquired a starter.

An exciting middle infielder with high upside

Yup, that’s right, Addison Russell is a trade chip, as well. Russell has flown entirely under the radar because of the stellar start to the season by his double-play partner Javier Baez.

Russell carries a .273 average and even though he only has five home runs, he is just playing very high-quality baseball both at the plate and on the diamond. Let’s be clear, though. The only way Addison Russell gets traded is if he is part of a package to acquire a player like Noah Syndergaard, Jacob DeGrom, or Manny Machado.

Since the odds of such a deal like that is highly unlikely, I’m 99 percent sure Addison Russell will be a Chicago Cub come Aug. 1.

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Do they make a move

One thing we’ve learned? Don’t sleep on Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer. These are two of the brightest minds in the game. Once they put their minds to something, they can hardly be stopped.

That being said, I believe the front office will make a move. But it won’t be a blockbuster. Rather, I anticipate a Bote or Caratini on the move – not a Montgomery or Russell.