Chicago Cubs Rumors: This team has more trade chips than you realize

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Chicago Cubs
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The trade deadline sits just weeks away and the Chicago Cubs have needs. But to fill those needs, you have to give something up. Who are you ready to deal?

Right now, most fans are focused on the All-Star Game festivities in Washington, D.C. And, if you’re a Chicago Cubs supporter, why not? Javier Baez and Kyle Schwarber will swing for the fences in the Home Run Derby Monday. Baez and Willson Contreras each hold roster spots on the N.L. squad in Tuesday’s Midsummer Classic.

But once that concludes, it’s trade deadline season. Get ready to half-truths, semi-cooked rumors and absolute chaos – especially with names like Manny Machado on the market. For the Cubs, though, it comes down to arms.

"“No matter what happens [with Darvish], we’re going to be trying to acquire pitching and try to acquire depth,” said Jed Hoyer. “That’s our focus no matter what.”"

To acquire said pitching, the Chicago Cubs front office must send talent the other way (obviously). Who are some of their most valuable trade chips – and how likely to be traded are each of them?