Chicago Cubs Rumors: Starting pitching a need, but an ace isn’t

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Chicago Cubs: Do they really need a starter?

With the struggles of Chatwood and injury concerns of Darvish is adding a starting pitcher before the trade deadline might not be the worst idea in the world.

I want Jacob DeGrom, Zack Wheeler, or Nathan Eovaldi, but thinking like that will just lead to disappointment.

We don’t need a ‘big’ name

Think about it, the Cubs have their “ace” in Jon Lester and a decent two in Kyle Hendricks.  If Yu Darvish returns to half the capability of his talent then two and three spots are set, and “Q” continues to be consistent then the one through four spots are set.

With that in mind, the only spot that needs filling would be the number five spot is the single slot that needs filling. Would be the fifth starter. And Wheeler, deGrom and Eovaldi aren’t fifth starters. Plus those Rays and Mets are going to want large price tags in return.

Likelier targets include…

My colleague Alex Patt looked into some possible targets  For me, I think the most logical fit is J.A. Happ of the Blue Jays.

He would come at a very reasonable price tag too. There have been reports recently that have suggested that the Jays are intrigued by infielder David Bote and right-hander Jen-Ho Tseng. 

Even though It would be tough to part with Bote, it might be worth it to add another arm to satisfy the rotation. To be 100% honest I think the Cubs will stand pat at the trade deadline.

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The Cubs are running low on minor league talent, and the prices for decent starting pitching is skyrocketing, and I would be somewhat surprised if they pulled the trigger on a deal before 3 p.m. CST on July 31.