Chicago Cubs: There’s some great baseball to be had at Sloan Park

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: The spirit of baseball alive and well

What stood out the most? In the late innings, the home plate umpire issued a ‘balk’ call. The entire Cubs dugout leapt to their feet, protesting the call. Manager Carmelo Martinez came out to voice his displeasure, as well.

We couldn’t believe how passionate the players were for this game! This was real baseball; unpolished raw rookie talent fighting for their chance to see ‘The Show’.  The product remained pure, untainted by the influence of sponsors and high-dollar spending.

The Cubs beat the Angels 7-6 in 10 innings that night and we got to see some great baseball. We continued to go throughout the week we visited Mesa and all the games we attended were a similar experience.

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If you are traveling through Mesa, Arizona this summer, be sure to stop for a Cubs rookie game at Sloan Park, it may end up as your personal “best baseball experience.”