Chicago Cubs: Anthony Rizzo somehow remains underrated in fans’ eyes

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Chicago Cubs: Etching his name in the history books

Fifty years from now, fans will still be listening to Pat Hughes’ call of the final out of the 2016 World Series. We’ll be looking at old copies of the Chicago Tribune, remembering what it was like to see Kris Bryant throw across the diamond to Anthony Rizzo for the final out.

And that remains true no matter how many championships the Cubs win between now and then. While that play will be Rizzo’s longest-lasting legacy in Chicago, there’s a lot more to what he’s done for this franchise.

Sticking strictly to his on-field contributions (which almost doesn’t seem right given his role in the community and clubhouse), we’ll likely be hanging a ’44’ on a foul pole at the Confines one day. Why? Here’s why.

Before season’s end, he’ll crack the Cubs’ Top 10 all-time home run list. He enters Wednesday with 178 career long balls. The tenth and ninth names on that list? Hack Wilson and Hank Sauer. Say Rizzo plays through his current deal and averages 30 homers a year – that’s an additional 108 homers. That places him behind only Sammy Sosa, Ernie Banks, Billy Williams and Ron Santo.

Not bad company.

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Yes, there’s more to his game that just power. But the fact that he excels in all these other areas while also providing major pop in the lineup speaks to his talent. Make no mistake. When his contract expires in a few years, keeping Rizzo in the fold will be a top priority for this organization.