Chicago Cubs: Ranking the team’s top five MVP candidates

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Chicago Cubs: #3 – BRYZZO (3B Kris Bryant & 1B Anthony Rizzo)

In looking at the 2018 Chicago Cubs, many would default to the obvious in terms of MVP. Make no mistake, a vote for Bryzzo for  Cubs’ MVP is justifiable. Both have been right in the middle of the team’s successes, and both have fallen short in games wherein the Cubs struggled.

Interestingly enough, the Cubs’ dynamic duo – “Bryzzo” as we’ve come to know them – have had very similar statistical impacts thus far in 2018.

Both players are key contributors in Cubs victories, which isn’t very surprising. But it is a bit unexpected that the two have such a split difference between wins and losses. One would think that players of this caliber would have much more level, consistent contributions. That they don’t is certainly something to note and also a trend that hopefully the two can turn around soon.

Elite talents, but with their share of struggles in 2018

The reality is there’s no way to have any discussion on Cubs MVP and not have these two heavily considered. Rizzo is the NL’s leader in game-winning RBI with nine. Bryant has another four, third-best on the team. Only two players in the entire National League – Matt Carpenter and Paul Goldschmidt – are less susceptible to hitting into double plays than Bryant (1.7 percent). Rizzo and Bryant have also each been hit-by-pitch 11 times.

The real question here isn’t why “Bryzzo” are on this list, but rather why are they not FIRST on this list. With each having spent time on the disabled list, fans are seeing firsthand how valuable they are. But truth be told, there are just a couple players who have been better.