Chicago Cubs: Jon Lester is finding his groove again

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

Chicago Cubs’ Jon Lester is finding his groove again. In fact, he allowed just one hit in seven innings of work. Simply put, he’s putting in work.

The Chicago Cubs’ Jon Lester had some issues. With the two hitters, he allowed two walks. Great. Not this again. Only thing is, he didn’t. In fact, he gave up just one hit in seven innings of work to get the win. In the end, he allowed just one hit, two walks and five strikeouts in seven innings of work.

Lester allowed just is now just 6-2 in his last 10 starts. He’s allowed just 12 earned runs in his last 62 2/3 innings for a 1.72 ERA. Needless to say, he’s got it going on. Looking to last year, and hoping that he looks like he did? Not so much. But now, he’s performing as well as he did in 2016. So what does he feel he’s doing differently?

It feels good

“I think the biggest thing is I just feel good,” Lester said. “Compared to last year with where I was at, body wise, mechanically, everything never really synced up. I don’t know what that was, maybe just the long two years or whatever here with the playoffs and World Series and stuff like that, maybe I didn’t get a chance to recover. I don’t know.”

In time, he’s part of what he’s striving to be. He’s about what takes to cover him, and part of what it feels to be different.

"“But this year, I feel better. My body feels better. I’m recovering. I’m taking my bullpens into starts. It’s good right now.”"

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Lester has found what it different. Whether or not it seems as if it is better, it is. Sure, he may still have his few issues with his starts. But few things are farther than getting him to the other side of that All-Star selection.