Chicago Cubs: Who’s the best after Bryant and Rizzo?

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Willson Contreras – .274, 4 home runs, 19 RBI

On Opening Day last season Willson Contreras batted 8th. He was ahead of only the pitcher’s spot in the batting order. At the time that looked about right. But right away Contreras began to make his case to occupy a more important spot in the batting order. On Opening day he hit a three-run home run to tie the game in the ninth inning. At the time I remember thinking that the Cubs have a ridiculously deep lineup when they have a hitter the caliber of Contreras hitting just in front of the pitcher.

After Miguel Montero was dismissed from the Cubs, Conteras settled in as the Cubs everyday catcher. Then both before and after his trip to the disabled list late last season, Contreras was the Cubs best hitter after Bryant and Rizzo. He even settled into the cleanup spot right after them in the batting order.

This offseason there was a lot of debate about the Cubs batting order. But the one thing that nearly everyone agreed on is that Bryant, Rizzo and Contreras should bat next to each other and probably in that order.

But this season Contreras did not immediately pick back up the title of the Cubs next best hitter. He wasn’t exactly terrible, but he wasn’t the dominant offensive force that helped to carry the team in the second half of 2017. But after his last few games, Contreras is once again making an argument for the duo of Bryant and Rizzo be expanded to a trio.