Chicago Cubs News: Sosa deserves to come home; Edward’s impresses

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The Chicago Cubs’ Sammy Sosa deserves to come home again, at least to writer David Miniel. Always a fan, he hopes to bring him home to Chicago. And Carl Edwards continues to impress this year.

The Chicago CubsSammy Sosa was bigger than the sport. It’s why his fall from grace was so big that he couldn’t ever get it back. Does Sosa have what it takes to come back from the fall? Or will he quietly fade into oblivion and become no more? The difference between who you talk to is different than the others. Some feel he may come back to Chicago. Others? They don’t want to see him back. And that is the difference with Sosa.

Javier Baez has had a fantastic start to this season. His 10 home runs and 33 knocked in are just the start of where he plans to go. So the early question is, will he make the All-Star team? There’s a little more than a month, and to be honest–anything can happen. But when looking at the All-Stars the Cubs could have? There are several on the roster, and Baez is just one of the few.

Last season, Carl Edwards Jr. went from a possible closer to a second thought as he fell from the depths. He wasn’t sharp. He had issues closing out games. He just wasn’t where he needed to be. This season? Other than Brandon Morrow, I don’t think there is anybody else you would rather have up there than Edwards. And if you don’t believe us, take a look at some of the numbers he’s been putting up.

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