Chicago Cubs: Victor Caratini about to learn the big leagues aren’t fair

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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Through no fault of his own, Victor Caratini is about to learn that things don’t always go as they should. Why? The Chicago Cubs need a Yu Darvish solution.

One month into his Chicago Cubs career, Yu Darvish doesn’t have a lot of positives to point to. After his latest clunker, a game that ended in an 11-2 loss, the team’s six-year, $126 million commitment to the right-hander has a good many people quite nervous.

Through six starts, he’s totaled just 30 innings of work. He has allowed five earned runs in four of those six outings and has looked like anything but a front-of-the-rotation ace. And, if I had to wager, someone is about to pay the price for these struggles.

And that someone is not Darvish himself.

With his former personal catcher sitting at Triple-A Iowa, the Cubs have a card to play in bringing up Chris Gimenez. The problem? Victor Caratini has played well for Chicago this year. He’s filled in at first when Anthony Rizzo battled back issues and gives Willson Contreras a blow as needed behind the dish.

But this team needs Darvish to get his act together. So much so, demoting Caratini and maybe taking the metaphorical wind out of his sails seems like a very, very small price to pay. One way or another, though, the Cubs have to get Yu Darvish figured out – and soon.