Chicago Cubs: A return to Cleveland and the World Series

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Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago Cubs will return to Cleveland to play two games (funny, right?) against the Indians. The Indians are in 1st place in the AL Central, while the Cubs are 4th in their division.

I have to admit, going to Cleveland to play takes me back. The Chicago Cubs needed three wins to come away with the World Series–and somehow? They did. Now we head back to Cleveland for two games, and while the records say different, the numbers don’t quite add up. While the Indians haven’t got the job done at the plate, their pitching has. Their leading batting average? A .237 by Jose Ramirez. They are getting it done with pitching alone. And if the batting comes around? Look out, Cleveland.

The Cubs, on the other hand, are swinging a hot stick. Three players are about .300, and two more are right behind it in Kyle Schwarber (.293) and Javier Baez (.292). Heck, even Jason Heyward is batting .262. The low man on the totem pole? If you said Ian Happ, you’re wrong. Anthony Rizzo with a .146. Yowzers.

The Indians (12-8) will rely on the starters, although they’re coming to a wild-card in Josh Tomlin. Due to a back flare up early on, the Indians have spread out his starts. The Cubs (10-9) will answer with Tyler Chatwood in the first game.