Chicago Cubs News: Cubs take care of Cards; Maddon too loyal?

CHICAGO, IL - APRIL 19: Starting pitcher Jon Lester
CHICAGO, IL - APRIL 19: Starting pitcher Jon Lester /

The Chicago Cubs got off to an early start and never looked back. Well, they peeked a bit. But that’s about it as they took care of the Cardinals at home.

The weather finally gave us a break as the Chicago Cubs got some baseball in. The Cubs got off to a quick start and didn’t stop until the game was over. Jon Lester was magnificent, although Eddie Butler was not. He walked the bases loaded, but Steve Cishek was able to come in a stem the tide before it got out of hand. The Cubs got strong innings from Cishek, Carl Edwards and Brandon Morrow as they head off the Cardinals, 8-5.

When Javier Baez was put in the No. 2 spot, a few people might have asked, “why”? A few more might have said it didn’t matter as long as the Cubs were trying something new. Well, the new worked as Baez kickstarted the rally for the Cubs in the first inning, scoring on a single from Kris Bryant. Baez went 2-for-5 in the two spot as the Cubs beat the Cardinals.

It’s no surprise that Joe Maddon has a thing for his favorites. From Ben Zobrist to Kyle Schwarber to Ian Happ–he just can’t help himself. But there’s a possibility that Maddon may have learned from his mistake last season. While he ran Schwarber out there to the point of a demotion to end it–it might not be as bad this time around. So if that’s the case, is it time for Albert Almora to get his chance?

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