Chicago Cubs: Joe Maddon believes in his guys to the fifth level

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Assessing the different levels

Joe says this year’s Cub’s roster is full of Level 5 players. They have tasted that victory once and now they want to rack up the wins again. He carefully points out that money hasn’t been the motivating factor for his team but winning has.

This is why I can’t get enough Joe Maddon. A look at his 5 Levels is like a glimpse into how Joe approaches management of his teams. First he determines the make-up of his team. How many 5 Level players do I have? How many 4 Level and the rest? With this basic knowledge, he determines his chances of succeeding or winning.

Naturally, a team full of 5 Level players is going to bring experience and the will to win. A team with an abundance of 2 and 3 Level players is going to bring energy and youth to a team.

Which is better? Which has the best chance to get into the postseason and take the series?

I’m taking the team with the 5th Level Manager, like Maddon.