Chicago Cubs: Joe Maddon believes in his guys to the fifth level

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon‘s idioms may soar over the heads of many, but his formula for levels of professional athletes make a lot of sense.

I turned on one of the Chicago Cubs’ last spring games just as the broadcast crew was about to interview Joe Maddon. If there’s one person I just can’t get enough of, it’s Maddon.

When you think about how Maddon led his team to a World Series after a 108-year draught, you start putting the white-haired, noble-philosopher in line with some of the greats. Think Johnny “Red” Kerr, Phil Jackson, George Halas, Mike Ditka, Rudy Pilous, Joel Quenneville, Joe McCarthy, Fielder Jones and all the hallowed Chicago coaches/managers of the past.

That’s a lot of pressure, but Maddon hasn’t changed his tune since his days with the Tampa Bay Rays. Recently he said during a game time interview the Cubs we going to be alright. Why? Primarily due to the team’s abundance of Level 5 players.

It was like déjà vu.