Chicago Cubs: Who has the best uniforms in the National League Central?

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MESA, AZ – FEBRUARY 20: Oscar De La Cruz
MESA, AZ – FEBRUARY 20: Oscar De La Cruz /

Uniforms are a major part of all professional sports. In the National League Central, do the Chicago Cubs come out on top in terms of their threads? Yes.

1. Chicago Cubs

This may be a little biased, but it’s a Chicago Cubs-based website, sue us. The home whites are a classic look. The pinstripes with the blue numbers and red outline is a perfect look. Who doesn’t like the logo on the top right of the uniform? It works for the Yankees and it works for the Cubs, too.

Hey, speaking of upper jersey logos – the blue road alternates have a great logo. A cub sitting perched on the red C the Cubs use in their logo. The red numbers give an excellent contrast to the blue. One underrated part of this uniform is the little Cubs logo is snuck onto the top of the pants. Subtle, but a nice touch. The names and numbers on both of the uniforms are both very easy to read, which is important in a uniform.

The Cubs’ last uniform is the road grays. These are still nice, but not as cool as the other two. The “CHICAGO” across the front is different from the other two, which keeps things fresh. This jersey has red numbers, with blue names. On the road, the Cubs wear the blue alternates way more than the road grays, and they make a good choice when doing so.