Chicago Cubs Predictions: Looking to the 2018 season

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Drumroll, please

And now we get to the meat of it. First, we have our picks for the individual awards. As I said, we are very high on Ronald Acuna. Now, when it comes to the Rookie of the Year, there is always a name that gets tossed in the hat later on. It’s almost a given. But this kid looks to be the real deal.

Finally, our playoff predictions. Many of us here at Cubbies Crib believe the Cubs will get back to the World Series. In fact, every member of the team here thought they would at least play in the series. Only five of us thought the Cubs would lose in the series, so that’s promising.

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This is, of course, an educated guess into this season. So many things can happen over the course of the year that it’s hard to predict. But we’re hoping that a few of these picks come to fruition. Especially the World Series. Although, seeing Hendricks win the Cy Young wouldn’t be all that bad.