Chicago Cubs: Camp comes to a close; Cubs hitters look to turn it around

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We’re finally past the spring and ready to play some baseball. For the Chicago Cubs, camp wasn’t that exciting as far as roster spots. But there’s a certain excitement in the air for the Cubs.

The Chicago Cubs finished up spring training in Florida against the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday. It feels like spring training has gone on forever. We can’t wait for it to get here, then we can’t wait for it to be over. But on Thursday, the Cubs will start the 2018 season against the Miami Marlins. The feeling around the Cubs clubhouse is a positive one. Very similar to the 2016 season. Are the Cubs ready for the challenge?

At one time or another, each of the Cubs’ hitters struggled last season. Whether for a short period or most of the season. This year, the Cubs are looking to be different hitters than they were last season. The addition of Chili Davis, as well as reignited spark to be the best has the Cubs hitters ready to roll. Will it make a difference? We’re going to find out soon enough.

With so much of our game being metric based, occasionally young pitchers will “fall through the cracks” if you will. One of those may be Daury Torrez. Not a hard thrower, the Cubs didn’t protect him from the Rule 5 Draft this winter. Yet, no one took a chance on him. He wasn’t hurt. He doesn’t have a bad attitude. He just doesn’t “fit” the criteria of most metrics based pitchers. But when you look at his numbers, they were some of the best in the organization.

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