Chicago Cubs’ Kris Bryant is at it again with Red Bull

(Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
(Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images) /

First, Chicago Cubs’ Kris Bryant was the exchange student. Then he GOT pranked by none other than Greg Maddux. Now, “Kristio” is ready to take down some unsuspecting fantasy baseball fans.

If you have been watching Chicago Cubs superstar Kris Bryant and Red Bull over the past few years, you know they are always up to something. First, it was Bryant as an exchange student for a community college. Then, Bryant himself was pranked by Greg Maddux posing as the cameraman. Now, Bryant is dressing up as Kristio, owner of Kristio’s Pizza and Wings to fool a group of guys who think they’re being filmed for a documentary on fantasy baseball.

What little they know, as whoever the first to take Bryant in the draft will get a special limited edition can from Red Bull with Kris Bryant on it. I’m not sure how these guys think that this is real, or that the pizza guy isn’t Bryant. But it all comes together in the end in the end for Kris Bryant Prank 3.0. 

This was the third prank from Bryant in conjunction with Red Bull. First, it was Bryant pranking a college baseball team as an exchange student. Then the tables were turned on Bryant. Hall of Famer Greg Maddux dressed up as a camera guy and then dropped a few curveballs on Bryant.

This is the third “prank” in a series of ones that he’s done with Red Bull. In this one, He get’s Cole, a die-hard Cubs’ fan who actually named his kid Bryant. Seriously, we can’t make this stuff up. Even batter? While others in the group seemed to have caught on that he was Bryant, Cole was blind to the fact. Even when he handed him the Limited Edition can with his face on it.

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Check out the video from Bryant’s shenanigans, and keep an eye out in the Chicagoland area and parts of the Midwest for the Limited Edition Kris Bryant can. They’re not going to be around long, so maybe grab one to drink and one to keep. You never know when KB might come around for prank No. 4.