Chicago Cubs News: Morrow’s replacement; Schwarber’s comeback

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 17: Kyle Schwarber
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 17: Kyle Schwarber /

If there’s anything we know, it’s that you have to have a backup plan. The Chicago Cubs have one, even if it’s something they don’t talk about.

What if the Chicago CubsBrandon Morrow got hurt? It’s not right to think about. In fact, we should disperse it from our minds because it won’t happen, right? Wrong. The Cubs need to have a backup plan in case Morrow goes down. So who would it be? We looked at the numbers of three of the most likely candidates and picked from there. Spoiler, it isn’t Carl Edwards Jr.

It’s been a wild ride for the Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber. From rookie phenom to injured. To coming back to be a hero in the World Series–to a bust last year. And this while not spending an entire season at the major league level. Schwarber has come in fit and trim, and it looks like he’s cut the fat from his game, as well. Is this the year that Schwarber finally gets his due and succeeds?

Are we ever surprised by Kyle Hendricks? I mean, really caught off guard? The unassuming pitcher goes about his day in the same way. So much so, you can’t tell when he’s on a roll and when he isn’t. Currently, Hendricks is on a roll. 21 strikeouts with ZERO walks this spring in 15 innings. You wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at him, but Hendricks is off to a fast start this spring.

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