Chicago Cubs: Who’s next in line for the closer’s role?

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Carl Edwards Jr.

Where do I start with Carl Edwards? First, I think he’s a fantastic arm out of the pen. The “string bean slinger” can whip that ball, and has a great curveball to go with that heat. But all the talk of the “closer of the future” needs to pump the brakes. Does he have the stuff? Possibly. But right now, the mentality is missing.

Edwards has been electric in low-leverage situations, with a SO/W ratio of 3.00 and a .241 average.  Things tend to fall in line with those numbers at medium-leverage with a 2.83 SO/W ration and a .160 average. But in those high-leverage situations, the ones that would include closing out a game? Things tend to go horribly wrong for Edwards.

In 45 games of those type, Edwards has struggled mightily. He posted a 1.94 SO/W ratio, and a .356 average allowed–including five home runs. It as if when the game is on the line, Edwards is a deer in headlights. Even the World Series, it wasn’t easy. And Mike Montgomery came in to close the game. Edwards might be the closer of the future, but that time isn’t now.