Chicago Cubs News: Contreras ready to excel; Hancock in the pen?

MESA, AZ - MARCH 06: Willson Contreras
MESA, AZ - MARCH 06: Willson Contreras /

The Chicago Cubs’ Willson Contreras is ready to become the next best catcher in baseball, and he let those ahead of him know this. And could Justin Hancock sneak into the bullpen?

The Chicago CubsWillson Contreras hasn’t been shy about letting people know how good he’ll be. Those comments may have rubbed Yadier Molina the wrong way. But it was more of a compliment than anything. Last season, Contreras was on the verge of placing himself into the MVP conversation–until his hamstring injury. This year, Contreras is out to prove that he’s the best–even if Molina doesn’t think so.

For reliever Justin Hancock, the desire to get to the majors might just be enough to get him there. Hancock has had an impressive spring and has the support of Joe Maddon on his side. When the Cubs released Justin Grimm, it opened a spot up in the bullpen. Some assume it will go to Eddie Butler with no options left. But Hancock is making a case for himself. Could he sneak into the bullpen?

The 2018 Cubs’ schedule should be advantageous to the team. But you still have to play the game. With an easy schedule to start the year, the Cubs have the chance to get off on the right foot this year. June could be a tough month as they play 17 of 28 on the road, as well as 17 games straight. And the season rolls on; the competition should get a bit easier, allowing Maddon to rest his players. This could be a key to the season as the starters had to go the distance last year.

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