Chicago Cubs News: Workhorse relievers; Cubs All-Star chances

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The Chicago Cubs Justin Grimm was one of many “workhorse” relievers whose time can very quickly. And don’t think it will end anytime soon. And will the Cubs host an All-Star Game soon?

When the Chicago Cubs released Justin Grimm, it was a sign of a bigger issue. Grimm was a “workhorse” reliever. A max-effort reliever who wasn’t good enough to close, but didn’t have what it took to start. The result? A shortened career with the Cubs that will now look for another chance in Kansas City. And thinking that these type of reliever will stop soon? Not a chance.

After 2019, the All-Star Game will be looking for a new place to play. With all the renovations it’s had in recent years, Wrigley Field seems like an obvious choice. But are the Cubs doing too much to keep up with other ballparks? Is there a point where they need to just stop the upgrades and leave Wrigley Field as it is? It’s structurally sound, so isn’t that what it needs to be?

With Jake Arrieta officially gone, maybe now the bitterness of some fans will allow the placing of him in greater historical context. But with just four and a half years as a Cub, how good was he? While he had spectacular numbers, did he even crack the top ten in anything? Seeing his numbers in a list might help to separate him from the bunch. He was impressive while he was with the Cubs, but maybe not that impressive.

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