Chicago Cubs News: Core must blossom; Holland not needed

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With no safety net behind them, the Chicago Cubs core must continue to blossom. And while Greg Holland is still on the market, it’s a problem the Cubs don’t have a need for.

When the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 2016, it was due in large part to the young core that the Cubs had. But they also had David Ross, Dexter Fowler and others to help pick up the pieces should the Cubs need them. But now, the Cubs young core is for the most part, on their own. They will need to elevate their game to the next level, but that might be the best as with no safety net–that might help unlock their potential.

While Greg Holland is one of the few still on the free agent market, it doesn’t mean the Cubs should try to get him at a bargain price. On the contrary, the Cubs don’t need Holland. With Brandon Morrow taking over closer duties, the Cubs bullpen is set. And unless Morrow is a complete failure (he won’t be), the Cubs won’t have a need for him. So while people might say “the Cubs could use him,” they won’t need him.

Back in 2015, Tommy La Stella was–in my opinion–on his last leg. He didn’t report to Iowa. He went home and had to “think about things.” Now, some people say that he just wanted to be a Cub, what’s wrong with that? I can promise you that wasn’t the tune many of you were singing back then. But in the end, I’m glad the Cubs didn’t trade or release La Stella. He’s proven to be a good teammate and a pretty good prankster, at that.

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