Chicago Cubs: Spring performances leading to increased optimism

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Are you another Chicago Cubs fan having a hard time containing your excitement about Cactus League spring baseball? Yeah, me neither.

Spring Training is important, but not also not that important. These games ultimately don’t matter at all. But they give the Chicago Cubs’ regulars some time to find their groove and work out their kinks before the real baseball starts. It also gives the prospects and bench-warmers a chance to prove themselves.

It’s a glorified practice session. Keep in mind, a lot of times they’re going up against a bunch of scrubs. Some of these guys have terrible spring stats and then dominate in the regular season, and vice versa.

Having said that, a successful spring can be a good way to build up some personal momentum ahead of the regular season. Feeling comfortable on the mound or at the plate is more important than stat lines at this point in the year.

So, now that I’ve sufficiently downplayed the significance of good stats during Spring Training, here are four Cubs with good Spring Training stats this year.