Chicago Cubs News: “We aren’t the Cubs”; Arrieta isn’t coming back

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There seems to be something going around making people talk crazy. First, the Chicago Cubs aren’t bringing back Jake Arrieta on a one year deal. And the Dallas Keuchel says they aren’t the Cubs. Well, he’s half right.

When asked about the possibility of a ‘World Series” hangover, the Chicago Cubs got brought front and center by Houston Astros’ pitcher Dallas Keuchel. Referencing his teammates, Keuchel doesn’t feel the hangover will exist because of them. Now, there’s nothing wrong with having faith in your team. And had the Cubs not won and then suffered the following season (I use the word suffer loosely), would he have even brought them up?

In more of the crazy talk, Evan Massey of the Inquistr wrote a piece on why the Cubs should bring him back on a one year deal. There are so many things wrong with that. First, he claimed the offseason has been slow, and that’s true. But he also thought that Arrieta should sign a one year deal, and if he has a good year, his value will skyrocket. Really? His value might go up. But with all the top free agents available next season, he’ll still be low on the totem pole.

When Dave Martinez took the Washington Nationals job this winter, it wasn’t completely unexpected. Martinez has been a top candidate for a while now. And the success of the Cubs only highlighted his potential. So after learning from Joe Maddon himself, Martinez is ready to take the reigns in Washington. The Cubs will miss him, for sure. But the team will acclimate just fine.

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