Chicago Cubs News: Maddon not sold on Happ; Bobblehead giveaway


The Chicago Cubs’ Ian Happ is off to a blistering start this spring training. And he seems a shoe-in to take the leadoff spot for the Cubs, right? Well, maybe not according to Joe Maddon.

A few weeks into Chicago Cubs‘ spring training and Ian Happ has all but won the leadoff spot. Well, in the fans eyes, at least. His manager isn’t sold on it quite yet. It’s a small sample, but he’s torched opposing pitching for a 1.800 OPS in that time. Still, Maddon wants to keep things open as he works his way through the spring. Could that entail a shot for Albert Almora Jr? From all that we know, it should. But with Maddon, he likes to keep the cards close to his chest, so we might not know until the season begins.

Are you looking to add to your Bobblehead collection? We’ve got a chance for you to do just that as the Bobblehead Hall of Fame recently released Clark the Cub as of their collection. How do you go about getting one, you ask? All the details are here. Unfortunately, you must be a member of Twitter to have a chance at the Clark the Cub giveaway. Besides, you can follow us @CubbiesCrib as well!

The Cubs’ Mike Freeman isn’t likely to land a roster spot coming out of camp. But batting .522 through nine games isn’t going to hurt him at all. The light-hitting shortstop seems to have revamped his game. And while he might not make the team out of camp, he gives the Cubs some depth should they need it. Something that they sorely missed last year. A “new and improved” Freeman may just give them that.

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