Chicago Cubs News: Morrow ready to be closer; Bote’s potential

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It’s not always been easy for the Chicago Cubs’ Brandon Morrow, but he’s ready to embrace the closer’s role for the Cubs. And David Bote could be a critical guy to have down the line.

The Chicago CubsBrandon Morrow has never had an easy go of it. After being taken fifth in the 2006 Draft ahead of players like Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer, he hasn’t reached the level that either of them. Between the injuries and the Type 1 diabetes, it’s been a struggle. But it’s that perseverance that will suit him well for the Cubs’ closer role.

David Bote is one of the lesser known prospects for the Cubs, but he’s one you might want to keep an eye on. Now, he’s not going to come up and unseat Kris Bryant from his job. But with what he’s shown this spring, his versatility could be the key to getting to the major leagues. Injuries happen. It’s part of the game. And he’s the type of guy that could come up and fill in for a short stretch in that situation.

It’s been a while since the Cubs had this much talent in the rotation. Now, will that translate into success? I don’t know. But the Cubs are hungry and driven, and this group could be primed for big things in 2018. They added Yu Darvish and Tyler Chatwood. Jose Quintana is in his first full season with the Cubs. And Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks are the “co-aces,” if you will of the staff. It’s going to be an exciting year for the Cubs.

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