Chicago Cubs News: Happ impressing; Heyward’s expectations?

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It’s not much, but the Chicago Cubs’ Ian Happ has done a lot in a little bit of time. More guys will still get their shot, but he’s made an impression. And are we expecting too much from Jason Heyward as far as an improvement this year?

Chicago Cubs‘ manager Joe Maddon has a few guys in mind when it comes to the leadoff spot. Ian Happ, however, is making quite the impression in his time at the top in spring training. He’s been in the leadoff spot in all three games he’s played, going 4-for-7 with two home runs and three RBI. It’s a good start, but this is just spring training. What happens now isn’t guaranteed to carry over to the regular season. But either way, it’s a heck of a start. It’s like Happ just forces his way into the conversation during the spring–just like last year.

The Cubs’ Jason Heyward improved last season, but it still didn’t warrant the big contract. With the addition of Chili Davis as the hitting coach, some have raised their expectations of him because of Davis. But are we expecting too much? Davis focuses more on situational hitting than former coach John Mallee did, so the hope is that Heyward and others will take a step forward.

In a not-so-surprising move, the Cubs’ named Jon Lester as the Opening Day starter. With three starters that opened last season and then Kyle Hendricks, Maddon had plenty to pick from. But Lester was the right choice, for respect as well as the situation. Lester will take the ball Opening Day against the Miami Marlins, and will miss the Milwaukee Brewers. A team that is heavily right-handed and fast–something Lester is better not to have to deal with.

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