Chicago Cubs News: Clifton plummets; Bryant ready to try his hand?

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With the recent stockpiling of young pitching, Chicago Cubs’ prospect Trevor Clifton has seen a dramatic slide in his ranking. And will Kris Bryant be ready to help lead the charge toward the new CBA in a few years?

Just one year removed from being the Chicago Cubs’ No. 8 prospect on the list, Trevor Clifton has fallen to No. 28 on the list. After a solid start to last season, the wheels came off–and Clifton was left looking for answers. After pitching to a 7.99 ERA over the last three months, he was given a mandate from the team. He needed to mentally and physically get stronger. As this year begins, where will Clifton find himself?

After three seasons in the majors, Kris Bryant is starting to get the hang of things. Not of how to play the game, but from how it’s done on the other side. While he’s still four years away from free agency, the new CBA will expire a year before he’s ready for free agency. Bryant would like a chance at getting to know the system so he can have a say in the matter.

When this season begins, the Cubs will be chasing the Houston Astros just like everyone else. A year ago, it was the Cubs that were being chased. Anthony Rizzo knows the Cubs have something to prove this season, especially how they came out of the gate last year. While some may look at Ben Zobrist as the leader of this group, I think it has to be Rizzo. And now it’s his time to prove it.

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