Chicago Cubs News: Zobrist a leader; Arrieta holding out?

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The Chicago Cubs’ Ben Zobrist is the “old man” of the group, taking over for David Ross. Could his wisdom and leadership of the game help his team succeed again?

For the Chicago CubsBen Zobrist, the individual achievements no longer mean as much to him. For Zobrist, it’s all about winning titles. And he’s got two more years with the Cubs to do so. He’s still a good player and will get his AB’s, but he’ll likely get them all over the diamond. Once expected to become the second baseman, that spot has become Javier Baez‘s. So Zobrist will return to the super-utility role that he came over with.

When speaking to Carrie Muskat of, he talked about the team suffering the “hangover” from winning the World Series. When you trail 3 games to 1 and then win in Game 7 after 108 years? It can take its toll. But one thing that Zobrist knows is that the hunger is back for the Cubs.

According to Yahoo! Sports Jeff Suppan, there’s a top free agent willing to sit out the first half of the year to get a better contract offer. Is it possible that it’s Jake Arrieta? If so, that’s a dangerous game he’s playing. Even if it’s not, it appears he is holding out for a preferred contract and not settling for another offer. Holding ground isn’t the best for Arrieta–or his agent Scott Boras.

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