Chicago Cubs News: Potential Cubs’ All-Stars; Rizzo leads the Cubs

CHICAGO, IL - JULY 7: (L-R) Chicago Cubs National League All Stars, Ben Zobrist
CHICAGO, IL - JULY 7: (L-R) Chicago Cubs National League All Stars, Ben Zobrist /

Last season, the Chicago Cubs only had one All-Star in Wade Davis. With all the talent the Cubs have, they should put more into the Midsummer Classic. And Anthony Rizzo continues to lead the Cubs on the field and off.

After having seven Chicago Cubs selected to the All-Star Game in 2016, it was a just Wade Davis last season. With the amount of talent, the Cubs should be able to put several on the roster this season. But who will it be? A few of the regular cast like Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo are there, but there are a few that might not be as obvious to you. Our Janey Murray looks at who the Cubs might have this year.

When Rizzo went to Florida following the shooting at his alma mater, he did so out of purpose–not an obligation. That desire to be there for people is what has made him a perfect captain, even if the Cubs don’t have one anymore. Even if the Cubs won’t put the “C” on his uniform, it’s very clear who the captain is on this team.

When the Cubs signed Shae Simmons, chance are it went under the radar. And to be quite honest, it shouldn’t have stood out. But Theo Epstein loves reclamation projects, and Simmons could be the next one for the Cubs. After a solid start to his career in Atlanta, Simmons was forced to have Tommy John surgery and miss the entire 2015 season. Smaller injuries have slowed him since, but the Cubs have very little invested in him. This could be a win for the Cubs if he works out.

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