Chicago Cubs News: Roster mostly set; Montgomery wants to win

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The Chicago Cubs roster is mostly set, but that doesn’t mean that their won’t be some things to watch over the course of the spring. And while Mike Montgomery wants to start, he wants to win even more.

The Chicago Cubs head into camp with most of the roster already in place. There are only a few spots up for grabs, and those fall mostly to the bullpen and the backup catcher’s role. But while there aren’t many position battles, it will be intriguing to see who get the at-bats at certain positions. Is Albert Almora Jr. going to seize the center field spot? And where will Ben Zobrist get most of his AB’s from? It should still be an exciting spring training to watch.

Earlier in the offseason, Mike Montgomery came out and said that he wanted to start or go somewhere that he could. Many Cubs’ fans took this as a show of disrespect, as they were all up in arms about the comment. It’s true, Montgomery wants to start. But he wants to win, even more, which is why he doesn’t plan on leaving Chicago anytime soon.

Are you a fan of sabermetrics? Because if you are, we’ve got a treat for you. Our newest writer, Matthew Thomas, is quite the fan, himself. In a three-part series, he’ll take a look at the NL Central by position. Considering the analytical over opinion, he’ll give us an idea of where the Cubs stand. And if you’re new to the metrics side of the game, it might be an excellent introduction to get you started in understanding the analytical side of the game.

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