Chicago Cubs News: Cubs need a big name; Clark calls foul

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The Chicago Cubs need to add a big-name starter to the rotation, as a low-tier guy just won’t cut it. And MLBPA chief Tony Clark sees teams in a “race to the bottom” in not signing free agents.

We’ve talked about a handful of pitchers that the Chicago Cubs could look at to fill the fifth spot in the rotation. But let’s be honest. A reclamation project isn’t going to cut it for the Cubs. They aren’t trying to battle for a playoff spot. They’re trying to win the Central and go deep into the playoffs–preferably the World Series. So signing a guy like Chris Tillman or Lance Lynn simply isn’t going to work. The Cubs need a top-tier name for the rotation.

Tony Clark, MLBPA chief, finally commented on the state of free agency. While he didn’t go as far as to use the word collusion, he feels that teams are in a “race to the bottom.” While the Cubs and Astros–the last two World Series winners–we’re ahead of the game while others were trying to stay competitive. Now with just a handful of teams at the forefront, the rest seemingly aren’t willing to spend the money to try and catch them. Clark may have a point, but the teams are well within the rules.

Javier Baez should have an even bigger role than he has in past years, and deservedly so. Baez has been among the best in the game in the field at two different positions but his at-bat’s lack consistency. His game is comparable to Alfonso Soriano at the plate. While Baez can carry the team for a couple of weeks, he can also disappear. NLCS MVP to World Series MIA, anyone? But Baez is still young enough to correct his shortcomings, and could still reach that potential that many saw in him.

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