Chicago Cubs: Why it should be Bryant-Rizzo-Contreras

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Plenty of thunder in this lineup

This section of the lineup could be deadly for the Cubs. And depending what the rest of it does around them–it can be even more potent. The same way that many thought the Cubs were going to come into 2017 swinging, many believe the opposite of them this year.

Ben Zobrist wasn’t the same, so everyone assumes he’s “done.” Kyle Schwarber? He failed in the leadoff spot and was sent down to the minors. So he needs to be traded. Oh, and he’s a liability in the field, as well. Jason Heyward can’t hit, and according to some, he might never hit again. The Cubs overpaid for defense (That’s debatable, although mostly true) and their stuck with him still.

If my sarcasm was laid on thick enough, my apologies. I’ll work on that. But the Cubs won’t have the same struggles as last season. With Chili Davis installed as the new hitting coach, preaching situational hitting over launch angles? Things can only go up for them.

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Who hits at the top? Who knows. We’ve given a few options, but with the Cubs without a true leadoff hitter, they’ll likely experiment. And what about the tail end of the batting order? The Cubs have several talented hitters on this roster, and one of them will have a breakout year in 2018. But 2-3-4? That’s already set.