Chicago Cubs: Why it should be Bryant-Rizzo-Contreras

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We’ve spent much of the time trying to figure out who will lead off for the Chicago Cubs. And we likely aren’t done with that topic. But what I do know? Bryant-Rizzo-Contreras need to be 2-3-4 in the lineup.

Thank goodness it’s almost time for Chicago Cubs baseball. At this point, if Yu Darvish doesn’t sign we won’t be heartbroken about it. And we’ve talked about, well, just about everybody as a leadoff hitter it seems. But aside from all the talk and hypotheticals of who should be hitting where? This is gospel.

When Joe Maddon starts penciling in his lineup, regardless of who he has leading off, it needs to be Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and Willson Contreras in the 2-3-4 spots. It has to be. I know Maddon likes to “tinker” with his lineup. And the occasional change here and there will be fine. Someone gets a day off; the necessary changes can be made. But when these guys are in the lineup, it’s 2-3-4 for them.

Rizzo has been in the league the longest, and the numbers aren’t s clear as they are for Bryant and Contreras. But in their short time hitting in those spots, they’ve hit. So what don’t we take a look at the numbers and see why these three should be slotted in where we say.