Chicago Cubs: Kyle Hendricks thinks all the answers would lie within

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The Chicago Cubs are creeping up closer on spring training. And in turn, not getting the starter that they’re looking for. That’s crazy talk…unless you’re Kyle Hendricks.

It was just a few weeks ago that I said that the Chicago Cubs rotation was good enough to win. It was followed by the comments of “yeah, the division. Not the NL”. But in fact, I might not be alone in this. While most of the Cubs world thinks they need to get Yu Darvish or Jake Arrieta? Kyle Hendricks thinks the Cubs will be just fine. Wait, what?

From the staff that led the Cubs to the World Series, there are just two members still with the Cubs. Hendricks and Jon Lester. So while you have the “big-money” guy in Lester, you then have the under-the-radar one in Hendricks. And to him, that’s just fine.

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"“No, no. I don’t see it that way at all.” says Hendricks. “With the pieces we have right now, if we were to go into spring training like this, all the answers would lie within the current rotation.”"

While my credibility among Cubs fans can indeed be questioned, how can you do it to Hendricks? The man has done nothing but impress since arriving in the league. And the biggest bump from last years team might be what he can bring to the staff when healthy for a year.

"“For sure, 200 innings is the one I want to get to–100 percent. And 20 wins, too. Those are the two I’d love to get to.”"

Outside of Hendricks and Lester, the rest of the staff is a wild card. Jose Quintana will have his first full season with the Cubs. Tyler Chatwood will make his debut this season, while Mike Montgomery could get his first crack at the rotation on a full-time basis.

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The rotation as a whole has great potential, but we hope that’s not all it is. From a guy who has outdueled Corey Kluber, Stephen Strasburg and Clayton Kershaw head-to-head? I’ll put my trust in him. Especially since he agrees with me. We need to stick together, the few of us that don’t think we need to do more.