Chicago Cubs : If the Brewers got Darvish; Uehara calling it quits?

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The Milwaukee Brewers have emerged as a competitor for the services of Yu Darvish. How much of a competitor is to be determined. But what would it mean for the Cubs if the Brewers did get Darvish?

The Chicago Cubs have been steadfast in their pursuit of pitching this winter when it comes to the big names. They might overpay per year, but they won’t give a longer deal. Will see if this holds true, but it’s allowed another suitor to throw their hat in the ring. The Milwaukee Brewers have reportedly made an offer to Darvish. For the Cubs, what would it mean if Darvish picked the Brewers over the Cubs?

At 43 years old, Koji Uehara has had a steady career. His numbers last season were good, but he eventually broke down for the Cubs. As he continues to look for a deal, he’s said that a minor-league deal wouldn’t cut it. So if Uehara can’t find anyone looking for a pitcher of his stature, it could be time to hang it up in the states.

The Cubs don’t need a fourth outfielder, that is, until that need one. While the Cubs have a plethora of outfielders, Ian Happ and Ben Zobrist will also see time at second base. And while the Cubs outfield is set, per se, it couldn’t hurt to bring in a guy like Jarrod Dyson for defense late in games. His speed on the bases is also impressive as he stole 28 bases last year. The Cubs leader was 10. Might the Cubs go after Dyson?

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