Chicago Cubs News: Edwards to Iowa?; Heyward Cubs’ MVP?

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It’s was a strange world yesterday as we heard things about the Chicago Cubs that we wouldn’t expect. Jason Heyward feels that he could be the Cubs’ MVP. And one of our writers thinks that it would be smart for the Cubs to send down Carl Edwards.

Hearing the Chicago CubsJason Heyward say it was one thing. Just like Willson Contreras feeling that he could be the best catcher ever, the same can be said for Heyward. But does anyone believe him? I’ll be honest, his track record with the Cubs doesn’t bode well. But maybe because he’s owned it–his failures and whatnot–I believe him. At least he can’t be faulted for confidence. It seems to be running high in the Cubs this offseason.

Hot take. The Cubs’ Carl Edwards should start the season in Iowa. Sound crazy? It might, just a little. But if you delve into his numbers, it might not be a bad idea. One of his biggest concerns was innings pitched, as he set a career-high in those last year. So it’s possible he might just need to build up the stamina. That was one of the big knocks on him was his size. The “string bean slinger” didn’t earn the nickname for nothing. So should he start in Iowa, or should Joe Maddon give him his chance in the Cubs’ pen?

One of the signs that baseball is right around the corner is spring training. And the Cubs announced their schedule with almost every game available for listening or watching for Cubs fans. Many fans will wonder who they might be catching when watching these games. The starters don’t play much, but many of the young Cubs will get their first experience at the major league level.

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