Chicago Cubs News: Cubs re-sign Duensing; Ramirez’s career

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The Chicago Cubs re-signed Brian Duensing to a two-year deal worth an estimated $7 million. And in between Ron Santo and Kris Bryant? There was the underappreciated Aramis Ramirez.

The Chicago Cubs and Brian Duensing agreed to a two-year deal worth an estimated $7 million. This will give Joe Maddon one of this most reliable arms from last season, and add a lefty that was missing from the pen. Duensing’s ability to go an inning or more allows Maddon some versatility in the using the pen. Barring any last-second moves, the Cubs bullpen should be what it is as they enter spring training.

When the Cubs signed Kris Bryant, they avoided another stretch as they hade between Ron Santo and–well, everyone else. But in the middle of that was Aramis Ramirez, the heir to the throne that Santo had left for him. Gary Scott, Kevin Orie and Todd Zeile filled in at times. But never what it was when Ramirez was at the corner. Not known for his defense, he made up for it in with his offense a clutch-hitting.

The Cubs signed Jason Heyward to a tremendous amount of money, and to be honest, he hasn’t met the standard most set for him. Yes. He’s a Gold Glove outfielder, and likely one of the best in the business. But the Cubs didn’t pay for just his defense. So will Heyward come along at the plate? Or will the Cubs need to have a “worst case” scenario in play in case Heyward fails?

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