Chicago Cubs: Ricketts says Sosa isn’t welcome until he comes clean

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If you were hoping for the Chicago Cubs to welcome Sammy Sosa back into the organization in some capacity, you’ll just have to keep waiting, it seems.

On Saturday, Chicago Cubs chairman and owner Tom Ricketts said during a Cubs’ fan convention that former slugger Sammy Sosa needs to come clean about past drug use if he wants to be embraced by the team.

According to Jesse Rogers of, Ricketts had this to say:

"“Players from that era owe us a little bit of honesty. The only way to turn that page is to put everything on the table.”"

Sosa’s career is filled with controversy. Though he is the Chicago Cubs’ all-time leading home run hitter, his accomplishments and performances are clouded by allegations of PED use. Allegations he denies to this day.

Does Sosa owe it to the Cubs to come clean?

The issue of whether or not the Cubs should welcome Sosa back into their good graces is a fairly polarizing one for fans. There is a pretty even split of people who want him involved again, and people who want nothing to do with him.

Despite that, there aren’t a lot of fans who believe Sosa didn’t take performance-enhancing drugs at some point. Their perspective is that Sosa was merely part of an era that was rampant with steroid use. And it’s true. Sosa was definitely not the only one.

But cheating is still cheating. In 2009, the New York Times released a list of players who tested positive for PEDs in 2003. Sosa was on that list. In 2005, he testified before Congress and stated he had never taken performance-enhancing drugs at any point. Since then he’s continued to attempt to clear his name but to no avail.

While it can’t be said with absolute certainty he used PEDs, there’s little doubt from anyone that he did. And the evidence is certainly not on his side. With that said, fans have every right to feel animosity towards him.

Will Sosa and the team ever make amends?

The chances of a Sosa-Cubs reunion looks rather slim. Sosa is not going to admit to anything, and the Cubs have made their position on the matter clear.

The truth of the matter is the organization doesn’t owe anything to Sosa. Whether or not he comes clean, his legacy will forever be tainted. And his chances of getting into the Hall of Fame continue to dwindle. He’s been on the ballot for six straight years now. On this year’s ballot, he received just 8.6 percent of the vote. And once a player receives less than five percent, he’s removed altogether.

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It doesn’t appear the two sides will be coming together anytime soon. Sosa’s relationship with the Chicago Cubs may be forever broken. No matter your opinion of him, this seems to be the reality of the situation. The Cubs don’t owe it to him to bring him back, especially considering the way he’s treated the team. But if he wants to be welcomed back, it’s completely on his shoulders. He alone is responsible for making that effort.