Chicago Cubs: Theo Epstein still has a chance to score big

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Holland and any one of these would be a win

While I’m not a big fan of Greg Holland as I talked about earlier, any combination of one of these starters plus him would be a win for Theo Epstein. While most teams are sitting back, waiting for the market to set itself, Epstein could corner it with two big deals. And at this point, I’m not sure I’d be upset with any of them.

My concern with Darvish was that he was rocked in the World Series. Knowing that he was tipping them gives me some comfort that he can rectify that. Arrieta is known well by the Cubs’ organization and could be the safest bet of them all. And Cobb is an excellent competitor with familiar faces all around in Chicago, including Drey Smyly. Why wouldn’t he want to be here?

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The Cubs could go with Steve Cishek or Brandon Morrow at closer and I wouldn’t be upset. But to have Holland at the backend, and those two before him? Plus the added addition of one of these starters to the rotation? C’mon, Theo. That’s the way you should do it. #ThatsCub