Chicago Cubs: Theo Epstein still has a chance to score big

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Chicago Cubs
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The offseason is dwindling down, but there is still time for the Chicago Cubs to make some sizable moves. Can Theo Epstein land TWO more free agents before the winter comes to an end?

The free agency period has been a weird one not just for the Chicago Cubs, but everyone else as well. Currently, 11 of the top 15 players in free agency are still available. So while there is the talent to be had, it doesn’t seem like they are too keen on picking a new place to play. Yu Darvish has a “list” of finalists, while J.D. Martinez is willing to wait things out to get a six-year deal. Even if that means spring training starting with him still without a team.

The Cubs have been linked to almost every starter left on the market. From Alex Cobb and Darvish, even back to Jake Arrieta–who many thought there was NO shot at him coming back to Chicago. Now you have the conversation that Greg Holland is on the Cubs radar, and it’s just one big party, and the Cubs are the guest of honor.

But what are the chances of Theo Epstein nabbing not one, but two of the remaining top free agents? There’s no doubt the Cubs have the money to do it. But would it be financially responsible for the Cubs? And how would it affect next year, including Bryce Harper? C’mon, you knew that was coming.