Chicago Cubs News: Mets window closes quickly; Rotation ready?

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With the way that things went for the New York Mets after 2015, Chicago Cubs’ fans have to feel for them. A rotation that had promise has turned into nothing but injuries and broken dreams.

When the Chicago Cubs and New York Mets got together for the 2015 NLCS, some thought it wouldn’t be the first of these matchups. As we head into 2018, the Cubs have been to two more NLCS and won a World Series. The Mets? Not so much. Jacob deGrom has been the only one of their staff to stay healthy, while everyone else is battling back from some type of injury. It just goes to show how quickly a window can close, no matter how good the team looks for years to come.

The offseason isn’t over yet, and the Cubs are still on the lookout for another starter. But even if the Cubs don’t sign one, there’s no reason to think that this rotation can’t win games. What it will come down to is consistency on offense, as well as being able to hit the top starters in the rotation. But the Cubs staff–even without knowing who the No. 5 starter is–will be able to handle the load this season.

The Cubs still need a backup catcher, at least depending on who you’re talking to. While Victor Caratini is a strong second string, most Cubs’ fans would like to see a veteran in that spot. And there are still plenty available, especially since most catchers will be the last to sign before spring training. Will the Cubs look to a player like Alex Avila who can provide some offense? Or a defensive specialist who you take what you get at the plate?

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