Chicago Cubs News: Pace-of-play; Options aplenty next year

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Is the game of baseball not moving fast enough? For most Chicago Cubs’ fans, I don’t think there’s much issue with it. But baseball plans to meet this week to make possible rule changes to the game.

The game of baseball is trying to keep up with its counterpart in football for the pace of the game. But is that necessary? The Chicago Cubs have had their moments–looking at you Willson Contreras and your 10 mound visits per batter–but, overall, it’s not been that bad. But now the MLB and its officials are going to meet this week on more changes, including a pitch clock. I’m starting to think the “man” might be meddling too much.

Tell me if you’ve heard this. The Cubs only plan of action for 2019 is Bryce Harper. Sound familiar? The media has been enamored with this idea since Harper himself started “teasing” the idea. But it doesn’t mean he’s the only one available this winter. Would the Cubs like to have him? Of course. But there’s that whole thing with the $400 million and whatnot that throws a wrench in that idea. And, believe it or not, there are other players available in free agency next year.

Drew Smyly signed a two-year deal this winter but isn’t likely to pitch until 2019. But in his absence, it appears he’s trying to recruit a former teammate in Alex Cobb to play for the North Side. Some have said that Cobb turned down a very “fair” offer, and the Cubs should move on. Update: All players have turned down very fair contracts in search of more money. It’s, unfortunately, the way it is these days. So should the Cubs still look to sign Cobb, with the help of Smyly?

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